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Portraits by J. John Priola


Hardbound, 74 plates

Introduction by Andy Grundberg

Essay by Rebecca Solnit


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"There are objects that seem to go unchanging through the centuries and there are the teacups we dropped when the telephone rang late at night and the thousands of objects borne away from us on a tide of entropy, disintegration and distraction, never to return. I know where to find a Praxiteles statue, but where are my baby teeth?"
- Rebecca Solnit 

A contributing editor to Art Issues and Creative Camera, Solnit is the author of several books, and essays in many museum catalogues, including, Crimes and Splendors: The Desert Cantos of Richard Misrach and the Whitney Museum's Beat Culture and the New America.


"For what is traced in these photographs is not merely the object, or the sign of its residual physical presence avant the photograph, but the echo of its historical resonances and place in time."
- Andy Grundberg

Grundberg is a writer and curator, former director of the Friends of Photography and the founder of See: A Journal of Visual Culture. A former photography critic for The New York Times, Grundberg's essays have appeared in numerous books, journalsand magazines.

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